North Toronto Skating Club

CanSkate and IntroSkate

CanSkate A and B programs run Sep 22/17 to May 17/18

IntroSkate runs Sep 7/17 to May 17/18

Canskate A (30 min, 3 – 5 yrs, 1 instructor for every 5-7 skaters)
This is a first introduction to skating. The skaters will learn the basics of skating such as falling down and getting up by themselves, moving forwards and backwards across the ice and feeling comfortable on the ice. In this class, skating is combined with games and lots of fun.

  • 3 year olds are taught in groups of 5 skaters
  • 4 – 5 year olds are taught in groups of up to 7 skaters

Daytime classes will be offered only if numbers permit.

Canskate B (60 min, 6 – 9 yrs, 1 instructor for every 10 skaters)
This program is divided up into 6 Stages. Skaters earn ribbons for Balance, Control and Agility to earn their Stage badge. After completion of Stage 6 the skater is ready to take skating to a new level in our STARSkate program.

The one hour class is divided up into three parts:

  • 15 minutes of supervised practice time
  • 15 minutes group warm up with an instructor
  • 30 minutes group lesson with an instructor

IntroSkate (60 min, 10 – 17 yrs, 1 instructor for every 10 skaters)
This program is perfect for the late starter and designed to build balance, strength and confidence on the ice in a fun environment. Skater progress at their own rate through the CanSkate Stages.

Learn more about the CanSkate program here: SkateCanada CanSkate Program

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